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Ionic and Cordova with Sublime Text 3 + Visual Studio 2013


I have been fiddling around with Ionic for a week or so now, and I quite like how easy it is to get up and running. Since I am quite used to all the jazz that Visual Studio provides, I found myself in uneasy waters trying to get everything done with a simple text editor and the command line. I know you will say, "but that is how the pros do it!" Perhaps. I will not get into that argument…

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A Month with the M235i


If I had a dream garage, it would have two cars: an M3 and an Aston Martin DB9. Having lusted over the M3 for so many years, I really feel no shame in considering this my first M car. I know, I know… It is not a true M. But after years of school and hard work, I can finally afford something like this. And, I have paid close to 50 grand for it (and I still cannot afford an…

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Turning Your (cheap) Desktop Into a(n expensive) Mac Pro w/ OSX Mavericks

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 9.07.23 PM

If you've got about a thousand dollars but want a 3000 dollar Mac Pro, one good option is to hack an OSX installation into your desktop essentially turning it into a "Hackintosh." Well, that's easy! Not quite. Getting OSX to run seamlessly on a desktop machine is not as easy as getting Windows to run on a Mac (via BootCamp or other virtualization software like VMWare, VirtualBox or Parallels). There are only select hardware that work. So, if you already…

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Building the Gaming PC (In Pictures)


So recently I decided to get a desktop to be more productive and such. Went to Best Buy and got an Quad Core i7 Asus. Was happy for a few days until I popped in Crysis 3. Clearly, I had been way out-of-touch with PC gaming. So decided to build a gaming machine on my own with scavenged parts from the ASUS + some new parts. I would not say this is the best machine out there, possibly not even…

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On Seattle and Microsoft


Since I recently relocated to Seattle to work for Microsoft, I thought I would spin up a quick write-up on my initial impressions of both. First things first -- Seattle, contrary to its overcast and rainy image, has been absolutely gorgeous! It has been sunny most of the time, with temperatures ranging from 60 - 80 F, with almost no humidity. Of course, this is the supposed to be the "best" time of the year to be in Seattle, so…

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My Interview Experience with Microsoft


After a lot of preparation, I recently interviewed at Microsoft. If you are interested in the preparation part, read my earlier post. This post is about my interview Experience at Microsoft. I will have another post dedicated to my Amazon interview experience, too. While I was preparing to interview at Microsoft, I read a lot of write ups (and even videos) detailing people's interview experiences. Some of them were stories that made me excited, and prepared, while others made the…

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Getting That Coveted Technical Interview


I recently decided to apply to few of the tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Google. I was at a point in my career where it was almost a "now or never" situation. Applying meant a few uncomfortable things: a very intense and time consuming preparation; the tiring process of getting hold of the recruiter; the nerve-wracking interviews; and if there is an offer, the possibility a cross-country move. At the same time, it also meant other things: working at…

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Graph Traversal and Such


Came across this question recently, thought it was interesting. Problem: The local commuter railroad services a number of towns in Kiwiland. Because of monetary concerns, all of the tracks are ‘one-way.’ That is, a route from Kaitaia to Invercargill does not imply the existence of a route from Invercargill to Kaitaia. In fact, even if both of these routes do happen to exist, they are distinct and are not necessarily the same distance! The purpose of this problem is to…

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Being a Chicagoan


I have read at least a dozen articles various people have posted about what to really do in Chicago, all of which were somewhat true, funny and in general, nice reads. As my project at work has just been submitted to QA, I have an hour or so of unanticipated free time, which I would hate to spend skimming through Reddit, StumbleUpon or worse, Facebook. Therefore, with a very productive mindset, I decided to come up with my own rendition…

Coding Humor – Gif Edition