8 Things I Learned From My Best Friends


It is a changing world with a complex set of requirements. Although words like job, education and finance may be very subjective, one can pretty much unanimously claim that they are pretty stressful. I was once told that smiling during a phone interview exudes a positive tone in the voice. This is easy to dismiss, but if you try it, you will be surprised at how well it works. We all have our own set of challenges, but also one common thing that can slightly abate our worries – a smile.


If you wake up one day, suddenly content about everything in your life, then it can mean two things – 1) You have achieved everything you desired, or 2) You have stopped your yearning. If you have achieved everything, congratulations! But most likely, you fall in category #2, which is a sad place to be because it means that you have stopped growing, learning, wanting, desiring and relating to all other verbs that advance you in life.

The grand meaning of life itself should be to grow, and nothing else.


I once thought I could play for Manchester United, and yes, you have my permission to laugh at me. But in the process, I found a belief and a reason, which I can relate to in many different activities. It made me driven and goal oriented, focused and determined.

Remember, the only difference between a dream and a goal is a deadline.
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Nothing in life stays still and you shouldn’t, too. A lot of us do not like changes, but adaptation is the catalyst to growth.  Our experiences are varied – we feel happiness, we get hurt, we are betrayed, we are supported; all of which are great lessons in themselves. To not change following these experiences is analogous to trying to navigate a dark room when you know exactly where the light switch is.

Adaptation does not mean you have changed as a person, only that you are better equipped to handle the lemons life throws at you.


If you know that you or someone you know is correct, defend. This gesture goes a long way. If you are defending yourself, it builds your leadership. It you are defending others; it is a helping hand they will remember for a long while. We have countless organizations and charities we partake in to help the poor, the underprivileged, so on and so forth. But sometimes we forget the fundamental idea behind it all – to do what is right; to support what is correct; to defend what is worthy.


We all get carried away in our lives, be it with spending, or our weights, or even just being carefree. It is okay. If we never travel the wrong paths, we will never know about the right ones. And an important step in figuring that out is reflection. Reflect at things that have happened – what you have been doing; your conversations with people; your habits; your goals. Then line them up all against what you know you need to be doing. Trust me, you will get this sudden pang of guilt, followed by a rejuvenated surge of energy – to quit smoking, or workout, or adjust your budgeting, or whatever else it may be.

Reflection is a powerful tool.


Goals, desires, careers, money, etc., all are necessary to survive and cater for our loved ones. But the irony is, amidst all the chaos, it is easy for most of us forget the underlying reasoning behind it all – care. Listening to a friend in trouble, talking to your parents, laughing with your significant other are all very simple gestures what may not pay the bills, but will go a long way to reassert the emotional happiness and satisfaction in our lives.

Be Yourself

In the end, all of us must be ourselves. Believe in yourself and walk your journey confidently. Don’t expect people to understand what you are doing. Stop worrying about what someone will think, or say about you. Do what you feel is right. People that care about you will respect you for who you are, and people that don’t, will not matter.

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Nice post man, well said! Only critique, I feel as though you have plenty of documented experiences that you didn’t need to use a photo from Friends as the spotlight photo 🙂 Cheers!

Thanks Nick! I know, but I couldn’t find that one pic that just had everyone I wanted in there. Do decided to be fair, and use this generic picture.

Nice post bro!! Very thoughtful.

Thanks dude!

Keep working ,splendid job!

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