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Get More Done By Doing Less

We live in a world where busy lives and lack of time define our very existence. A world of excess that is built around one word – more. We are in a perpetual loop of wanting to consume more, produce more, earn more, achieve more, succeed more … constantly squeezing out every last minute of[…]

How to Cook More Efficiently

Cooking is one of those things where people are in extreme opposites. They love to cook, or they hate it. They can just about boil an egg, or cook you a meals that are absolutely Instagram-worthy . I rarely find people in the middle. So this video is about that: being exactly in the middle,[…]

Are You Building the Wrong Habits?

So, everyone is talking about habits. There are books, articles, things social media. There are apparently “Habit hacks” that can help you become more focused, effective and productive. Help you stop being distracted, get you to quit smoking, eating healthy, exercising regularly. All you got to do, is form a habit. But is it really[…]