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Chosen Multiselect Dropdown List with ASP.Net MVC3

I recently came up against a UI where I needed to do some fancy stuff with the dropdown list. I decided to go with the Chosen Plugin. As I went on with my project, I quickly realized that multiselect dropdowns and pretty tricky with MVC3 (well, at least confirming to the MVC guidelines). While searching[…]

Using Url Rewriting to Host Multiple Apps/Blogs

When you need different applications or blogs to have separate domain names, you will probably need a hosting at accepts multiple applications. But sometimes, you are fine with a single domain, but do want to host multiple blogs under it. For instance, I have a main blog, a separate fitness blog, a couple of MVC3[…]

Cracking the Job Interview

I received an overwhelming response to my earlier post: How to Find a Job, most of which were emails requesting me to do a write-up on “the interview process.” So here it is and I hope you will find it useful. Like with the earlier article though, this is not an exhaustive list that guarantees[…]